The minds behind port-neo

port-neo and each of our departments is home to people with individual interests, needs and personalities. Before we get to know each other, we’d first like to give you some insight into how we work.

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From CC to yearly quality

port-neo is divided into different specialist areas – our Corporate Centres (CC) and Corporate Services (CS) such as HR, Marketing and IT. Different skills are required depending on the area, which bring success to our company and customers. Yearly quality is paramount above all else; a guiding principle that we follow over the course of a year and which shapes our actions.

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CC creation

We create experiences: CC creation stands for customer experiences with a wow-factor. We combine high-quality copies and visuals with UX design and moving images into our results. This permeates our customers’ brands and connects them with the expectations of their customers so that concepts and stories lead to impressive experiences.

Einblicke port-neo Stefan Kempas
Stefan Kempas, Head of Creation

CC strategy

We are trailblazers: As part of our CC strategy, we produce mission statements, visions, brand and production positioning for our clients’ contextual and strategic alignment. We set clearly measurable project goals and build awareness of companies, the competition, market, brand, customers and potential target groups. We use these findings to develop strategies for achieving goals. This results in a wide variety of hypotheses, creative briefs or communicational concepts.

Einblicke port-neo Kai Greb
Kai Greb, Head of Strategy

CC Data and Analytics

We generate insight: As CC data and analytics, we create bases for decisions and evaluations throughout the entire CX process in real time based on data. We do not only consider individual components, software and features but the entire environment in which the customer finds themselves. Every aspect of this environment must seamlessly intertwine with one other. We explore the goals of this environment, its components, the processes, their status and the causes behind them. We support these with figures, KPIs and targets. We also generate quantitative insights which are developed using the CC strategy.

Einblicke port-neo Felix Zeh
Felix Zeh, Head of Data & Performance

CC account management

We understand customers: As CC account management, we are responsible for actively managing projects and overseeing the schedule, budget and quality. We manage the projects internally so that they achieve the right profit. We understand the customer, their strategic alignment, their products, the business model, market and competitors and can thus advise the customer as the initial point of contact. We represent the needs and goals of the customer and ensure quality in everything we do.

Einblicke port-neo Claudia Rosenträger
Claudia Rosenträger-Freese, General Manager & Executive Client Partner

CC technology

We are a provider: Through CC technology, we provide the technological ecosystem needed for CX. We provide technological support and assistance. We act as a technology guide and demonstrate the opportunities of tools and ecosystems. By providing all of the technology required, we pave the way for implementing CX in the digital world.

Einblicke port-neo Lars Jonka
Lars Jonka, Head of ICT & Executive Client Partner


We are technicians: At our data centre, we develop suitable hosting solutions that are modular, scalable and performant. We are specialists in operating technical CX platforms. We provide optimised hosting solutions tailored to specific online business concepts in close collaboration between technology and software development. We consider hosting a comprehensive service using state-of-the-art infrastructure and flexible, personal support.

Dirk Wrana, Leiter Rechenzentrumsbetrieb

Einblicke port-neo Kai Vorhölter

“I founded port-neo more than 20 years ago and strive to incorporate our values into the organisation each day. I’m ridiculously proud of our 150 employees and the services they provide at our 6 sites. What began in 2000 as a small marketing agency has now grown into an international, digital CX agency. We want to maintain this growth in the future.”

Kai Vorhölter

Founder & Managing Partner