First steps towards marketing without third-party cookies

Tschüss, Third-Party Cookies

Technology 14.11.2022 Bye bye, third-party cookies Third-party cookies are a popular online marketing tool, but they’re starting to fall by the wayside. Now blocked as standard in Firefox and Safari, Chrome plans to follow suit in 2024. I looked at how targeting could work without third-party cookies in a previous post. To summarise: The death of […]

Interview design systems

Design Systeme

Technology 25.02.2022 Interview: Design systems from a graphics standpoint After describing design systems in my previous article (Design systems – CX gamechangers?) and exploring for which companies they can transform CX development, this article takes a look at design systems with a focus on graphics. My colleague Eileen helped me out by providing her input. […]

Design systems

Design Systeme

Technology 21.12.2021 Design systems – CX game changers? Technological advances and the associated rise in the number of different media and devices places new demands on digital product design and software development. Designs need to be flexible and scalable yet remain consistent across all technical environments. Companies that succeed in implementing this level of consistency in their customer […]

Smart life. Smart printer

Smart Life. Smart Printer.

Technology 17.12.2021 CXOs should try their hand at setting up a printer I recently purchased a new HP smart printer for my living room. At the agency, I would typically give IT a call or send a ticket so someone else will take care of setting up the hardware for me. It’s always nice to delegate! However, […]