Hybrid CX & Loyality in the Bathroom Industry

The bathroom is one of the most important rooms in the living area. And the industry behind it is in the midst of disruption — while at the same time it has to attract three very heterogeneous target groups through a wide variety of sales channels.

Corporate culture as the basis of CX

There is no need to say anything about SAP as the largest European software company. With regard to CX, it is of course exciting how the Group is using the dual role of CX provider — keyword Marketing Cloud — and users themselves to improve the customer experience.

High-tech experiences in agriculture 

CX Lounge Folge #3

CX Lounge 25.11.2021 Group 7 High-tech experiences in agriculture Episode #03 Agriculture is not only a complex issue, it is essential and demanding all over the world in particular. Farmable areas are declining, and the need for ever more efficient harvesting is increasing. Nowadays, however, modern agriculture has little to do with pitchforks, but more and more […]