Accessible should be the new normal

Accessible should be the new normal

Creation 24.08.2021 Accessible should be the new normal The internet, apps, websites and digital services are no longer a novelty, let alone a privilege. They are an essential aspect of our lives, particularly during the era of COVID-19, New Work and digital nomads. We quickly got used to the majority of our life taking place […]

Why is CX so important?

Warum ist CX ein Thema?

Strategie 16.09.2022 Why is CX so important? Customer experience (CX) is far more than just a passing trend or the latest buzzword. CX encompasses numerous levers and parameters that can determine the future success or failure of a company. Something proved time and again by studies and surveys. Customer experience refers to the result of all experiences […]

Games as touchpoints

Games als Touchpoint

Strategie 26.08.2022 How marketers can use games as touchpoints You’ve probably encountered at least one of the following headlines in recent years. Forexample, that Gamescon, the annual trade fair for video games, is now one of the most visited trade fairs in the world with almost 400,000 visitors each year. Or that with annual revenues of around […]

Interview design systems

Design Systeme

Technology 25.02.2022 Interview: Design systems from a graphics standpoint After describing design systems in my previous article (Design systems – CX gamechangers?) and exploring for which companies they can transform CX development, this article takes a look at design systems with a focus on graphics. My colleague Eileen helped me out by providing her input. […]

Sustainable websites: Every bit counts

Jedes Bit zählt

Creation 08.10.2021 Every bit counts: The environmental impact of your website. Sustainability has long been on everyone’s radar, finally reaching the last outposts of the German corporate landscape in the past two years. Have you ever stopped to ask yourself how sustainable your website is? Probably not. The issue has long been overlooked in the digital world. People […]