The port-neo Group

As an agency group, we develop innovative, unique CX concepts and digital platforms. We pool our know-how from three areas: port-neo, neo-connect and neo-scale. This pooled power is distributed across 6 sites in Germany and Switzerland only to come together to provide a tailored solution for you. Together, we can optimise the overall customer experience.

port-neo group
port-neo group



The heart of the agency group. Strategists, creative minds, data analysts and developers work in teams across our sites to develop comprehensive CX concepts and build successful CX platforms.

Dialogue marketing specialists


neo-connect is the promotional dialogue marketing specialist of the port-neo Group. It focuses on dialogue and email marketing, lead generation, marketing automation and performance marketing.

Technology at its finest


The specialists for operating technical CX platforms, cloud services (public, private and hybrid) and Internet Service Providing (ISP) offer scalable solutions (as-a-service) for machine learning (ML), artificial intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT).



mission-one is the go-to address for loyalty management. Especially in the complex B2B area our experts from Ulm ensure long-term, stable and profitable customer relationships.



Within the port-neo group tagwork-one stands for performant online shops and e-commerce solutions: including consultancy, concept, design, implementation and ongoing support.

port-neo partners

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