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Hybrid CX & Loyality in the Bathroom Industry

Episode #08

The bathroom is one of the most important rooms in the living area. And the industry behind it is in the midst of disruption — while at the same time it has to attract three very heterogeneous target groups through a wide variety of sales channels. Our guest Stephan Tahy, CEO of Duravit, explains how this can be achieved with hybrid customer experiences and why customer loyalty is more important than the perfect funnel.
00:00Duravit — Focus on CX and Innovation
03:07Which experiences particularly inspire Stephan Tahy
04:29Many sales channels and target groups — how do you communicate correctly?
08:58This is how Duravit uses the potential of e-commerce
14:40Marketing, sales, service: a package for successful CX
16:44This is how future-oriented corporate change works
18:38Loyality rather than funnel thinking — the simplified customer journey
24:58The perfect story in the persona speech? Go with eco-systems!
31:16Bathroom planning: A service as an opportunity for individual experiences
34:47How a structured feedback culture can be successful
36:56Authentic brand experiences as moments of truth
40:18Sustainability — Responsibility and Innovation at Duravit
45:44Global differences in brand perception
50:35The future brings: the smart revolution in the spa industry
57:49Conclusion and farewell

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Our guest

Stephan Tahy

Stephan Tahy is CEO at Duravit. The manufacturer of premium bathroom furniture was founded in 1817 – enjoying success and growth over the years. The company shines through its innovative spirit, which is evident in products such as wellness systems, shower toilets and even a space toilet.

Stephan Tahy
Our host

Kai Vorhölter

Kai Vorhölter regularly welcomes exciting guests to the CX Lounge who talk about their industries and their individual journey towards an optimal customer experience. Kai is the founder and CEO of the port-neo group – an agency group specialized in customer experience with six locations in Germany and Switzerland.


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