Targeted communication on autopilot

If you want to reach your target group at the right point in time, and via the right channel with automated, personalised communication, we’re the agency for you.

Driver of customer experience

Marketing automation is more than just email marketing. We consider it the heart and driver of the customer experience and a central piece of the puzzle for communicating effectively with customers. Automation allows the right message to be sent at the right time via the right channel, without additional resources. This ensures you always reach the right people in an automated, yet personalised, way.  Marketing automation acts as a bridge between data analysis and customer communication and therefore perfectly suits our concept of ‘data meets empathy’.


Marketing automation comprehensively thought out

Comprehensive support

Do you want to know which tools best meet your goals and how to achieve them? In addition to tool evaluation and employee and group support, our marketing automation support also includes requirements management, use case conception, personalisation concepts and data flow and data retention concepts.

Implemented accordingly

Do you already have a rough understanding of marketing automation but need help implementing your campaigns? No problem! In addition to the initial introduction of marketing automation, our setup services comprise interface conception and implementation, customisation of marketing automation systems based on your requirements or creating blueprints and templates for emails, campaigns and much more.

Implemented successfully

Looking for a solution to implement your multilevel omnichannel campaigns? We can also help here. In addition to the concept, our services also include full-scale implementation. We also provide a user-driven customer journey. Together with us, you can find the right touchpoints, lead generation and lead nurturing measures, assistance with designing and implementing landing pages and stakeholder-specific campaign reports.


Marketing Automation Services

As a marketing automation agency, we advise and support companies on their B2B or B2C communication. We have a thorough understanding of this area, from strategy to integration. We orchestrate and automate your communication and help you further develop leads. Not only can marketing automation increase sales, it also supports and eases the burden of frequent communication measures.

Partner & Tools

We consider ourselves marketing automation experts who are not limited to specific tools, but are proud of our partnerships and choice of tools which we happily evaluate together with you.


Do you want to personalise your communication in an automated fashion?


How to master marketing automation

How do you manage complex multichannel campaigns in just one click? By making personalisation standard. Find out in our white paper how it works.

Customers for whom we have already successfully automated communication


port-neo – where data meets empathy

At port-neo, we look at customer journeys differently. We combine multiple points of view: Data perspectives, technical skills and knowledge of system landscapes. This guarantees a holistic approach with a smooth process and the necessary creative excellence so that your products don’t just stand out: they become an experience.

“Are you looking for marketing automation support? Get in touch with us!”
Silke Heumann

Director Account Management
port-neo Group