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Corporate culture as the basis of CX

Episode #05

There is no need to say anything about SAP as the largest European software company. With regard to CX, it is of course exciting how the Group is using the dual role of CX provider — keyword Marketing Cloud — and users themselves to improve the customer experience. And that in the midst of the biggest transformation in the company’s history, from on-premise to end-to-end cloud provider. Including a heterogeneous range of customers, sometimes lower margins and an overall much more flexible product environment. In a conversation with Kerstin Köder, it quickly becomes clear that the secret of success, especially for digital companies, lies in not only keeping an eye on technology and not only marketing — the corporate culture and the “physical” touchpoints between brand and customer also determine the exciting experience.
02:10CX-Highlight: Which brand Kerstin Köder is consistently enthusiastic about
04:35A behind-the-scenes look at ‘the world’s biggest startup’
08:42Data silos – the enemy of every good customer experience
11:45How can new technologies be combined with existing solutions?
13:50From on-premises to the cloud: What the change of course means for SAP
17:13Surprisingly different – the digital buying journey
19:00Global vs. local: The perfect CX has many faces
24:54Why it’s painful to introduce standard software
28:30Does personalization make personas obsolete?
31:15Marketing 2.0: What B2B can learn from B2C
34:10What attitude has to do with CX
38:16Profit, Loss, Sustainability: How will we rate companies in the future?

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Our guest

Kerstin Köder

Our guest Kerstin Köder, Head of Marketing EMEA at SAP since 2018, is responsible for the company’s market presence in almost 150 countries. With more than 20 years of experience in B2C marketing, her most important task is it to establish a coherent end-to-end brand experience for the B2B market leader. Growing up in medium-sized companies is now a huge advantage for her at SAP, for she stands for visionary and pragmatic approaches when it comes to marketing: what counts is simply what the customer wants.
Kai Vorhölter und Prof. Dr. Waldemar Pförtsch
Our hosts

Kai Vorhölter und Prof. Dr. Waldemar Pförtsch

After 10 years of working in the industry and in consulting, Waldemar Pförtsch has commited himself to international research for two decades now. He has published a number of outstanding marketing literature. Kai Vorhölter is the founder and managing director of the port-neo Group – an agency group specialized in customer experience with six locations across Germany and Switzerland.

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