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Episode #04

“CX or nothing”? Our guest today is so disarmingly honest about the situation in his own industry. However, that was the case even when the term itself did not even exist. After taking out insurance, apart from a long contract and a few documents, you literally have nothing “in your hands”. The value of what you have just spent money on here is only shown in the customer experience. From the tariff selection process to the Moment of Truth — the response in the event of a claim. But what is changing massively is the importance of technology, especially digital channels. And this is where Allianz Technology comes in. What role does IT play in the modern insurance market? How do “digital” and “personal” appear as partners and not as antagonists? And what does an old hand like Allianz have ahead of any insurtech competitor, no matter how trendy, when it comes to CX? That and more in more than 50 minutes of concentrated CX plain text.

01:15Daniel Besendorfer on the increasing importance of IT for Allianz
03:14Exciting CX? The local liquor store shows how it’s done
04:54Insurance products – the ultimate CX experience?
06:57From enemies to friends: analogue and digital customer experiences
11:32am Multichannel, mobile first, quick purchase: Customer expectations are changing
14:56Don’t just meet expectations, they exceed them: This is where technology inspires
17:34Are technology and empathy mutually exclusive?
21:35Opportunity or Risk: Should we involve customers in product development?
29:04Technological cultural change: national peculiarity meets global common ground
38:43How is Allianz Technology doing in comparison to the international competition?
40:54Despite global standards, the last mile is always localized
43:56Classic markets are shrinking – a threat to insurance companies?
50:01This is what the future holds: Two CX trends that have become indispensable

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Our guest

Daniel Besendorfer

As CEO of Allianz Technology, our guest Daniel Besendorfer is the master of 5,700 servers and 93,000 workstations. More than 10,000 employees look after the information technology backbone of the global Allianz Group. In this enormous transformation process, it is important for him to “look outside the box” – be it in his own market, familiar “Western” apps and digital players, or even beyond his business towards social issues.
Kai Vorhölter und Prof. Dr. Waldemar Pförtsch
Unsere Gastgeber

Kai Vorhölter and Prof. Dr. Waldemar Pförtsch

After 10 years of working in the industry and in consulting, Waldemar Pförtsch has commited himself to international research for two decades now. He has published a number of outstanding marketing literature. Kai Vorhölter is the founder and managing director of the port-neo Group – an agency group specialized in customer experience with six locations across Germany and Switzerland.
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